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Introduction :

Literate manpower is plentiful in West Bengal, thanks to its high literacy rate of over 68 per cent. The state education department has helped to create sufficient good caliber manpower, which can be trained to take up junior management positions on the shop floor or in the office. However, it is still a matter of concern that there is lack of quality trained people specific to undertake a job or start up own entrepreneurial set-ups. The problem emanates from the fact that there is dearth of quality institute suitably designed to meet the requirement of the industry or entrepreneurial capability and confidence.

In recent years the Government of West Bengal is encouraging many private entrepreneurs to setup their industries in the state. All these industries are in continuous need of skilled manpower.

In today’s scenario it has been observed that industries and prospective organizations are looking for trained and skilled people rather than qualified people to whom specific training or exposure is required to suit the requirement of the specific job entrusted.

Moreover in the present scenario, industries are keen to recruit skilled manpower as per their requirement, rather than training freshly recruited manpower at company’s expenses.

This present world is showing us how the Information Technology is transforming every aspect of life, from business to market, market to work, work to shopping and entertainment. Vision-N-Voice Educare Society has therefore launched a programme to prepare schools for the changes it will bring to education. Our Vision E-School won’t just introduce computer education in your institution, but will synergize with and add value to your efforts at providing holistic education at school level.