Welcome to Vision E-School

Curriculum :

We have developed this concept of Vision E-School, which fully leverage the benefits of Information & Communication Technology. The concept aims to use computer education to build computer literate students, thus creating Techno School with Techno students. The curriculum has been designed in such a way that it will help in overall academic development of the students in line with the present technological need. For that reason students will not only cope up with new technology but also fulfill the demand of the market. This programme shall also guide the students to decide their higher education and their earning path.

This programme will give support to the students to get an early start in key technologies: Operating Environment, Word Processing, Graphics, Spreadsheets, Databases, Multimedia & Animation and Programming Languages. Areas covered include: Computer basics, end user orientation, Word, Excel, Publisher, Print Artist, PowerPoint, Access, Kidpix, Cruncher, Formula Graphics and programming skills.

Technological content increases with each class / standard and is smoothly integrated with the school’s syllabus. More importantly, the technological content is simplified: made child friendly through challenging and rewarding experiences.